Our Parish
Our Parish

Our parish is well over 100 years old, with photos going back to at least 1904. Here we will continue to post photos that reflect both the historic and contemporary life of our parish, organized within specific themes.

While our worship and sacramental life remains unchanging, the social life of our parish reflects the people, times and places captured in these photos. These include photos of people who have passed away, passed on, or are still a part of our community. We hope you will enjoy them, and come away with a bit more knowledge about the life of our parish.

Nativity 2023

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Parish Fun!

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Sunday of Orthodoxy

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Theophany 2024

Theophany 2024

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Weddings & Baptisms

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Historic Photos

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Inquirer's Class

An introduction to the Orthodox faith is taught most Saturday afternoons at 5:00 p.m. Please check our calendar, and see what is being taught on the class syllabus, here.