Forms and Documents
Church Cleaning Volunteers

Members of our community who would like to volunteer to be on the rotation for church cleaning may sign up on the Parish House bulletin board, or speak to Fr. John. For a guide to this important ministry, please click here.


Coffee Hour Ministry

Hosting coffee hour is a rewarding ministry in the life of our parish. What a blessing to complete our prayers in church and know that we we can extend our time together over a cup of coffee and a snack. Your participation in bringing this about is an important contribution for building the life of the parish. It provides for your brothers and sisters, and is a means of welcoming new visitors to our community. We hope this guide will help you in preparing and serving coffee hour.


Parental Release & Medical

Permission form for youth to participate in parish sponsored activities.  There are two forms per page.  Please download here.


2020 Stewardship Pledge Form

To participate as a voting member at Parish Meetings, be elected to the Parish Council or a representative to Diocesan Assemblies and All American Councils, a stewardship pledge must be made to the parish. OCA statute limits a person to be a member of one OCA parish only; and without a transfer from another parish, a three month waiting period must be observed from the time a pledge is made until voice and vote are allowed at Parish Meetings. Other considerations, including being a communicate in good standing in the Orthodox Church, are required. Parishioners may download the pledge form here, complete it, and mail it to: Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, P.O. Box 1332, Puyallup WA 98371, or place it in the collection basket at church.


About Stewardship


Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a way of life, which acknowledges accountability, reverence, and responsibility before God. A primary goal of Stewardship is to promote spiritual growth and strengthen faith. Becoming a Steward begins when we believe in God, to whom we give our love, loyalty and trust and act on those beliefs. As Stewards, we affirm that every aspect of our lives comes as a gift from Him. Stewardship calls on the faithful to cheerfully offer back to God a portion of the gifts with which they have been blessed.

An Orthodox Christian Steward is an active participant in the life of the Church. The parish encourages all who accept the Orthodox Faith to become practicing Stewards. Each year the Steward is expected to carefully review his or her personal circumstances and make a commitment of time, talent, and treasure to support the Holy Resurrection parish and her Ministries, which in turn support the Diocese of the West, which includes paying mission stipends to our priests assigned to missions in the Diocese of the West; and the Orthodox Church in America.

In Oriented Leadership, their book on Orthodox Christian leadership, Williams and McKibben define stewardship as the call of the faithful to share willingly the gifts that God has bestowed on them, including sharing these gifts for God’s work. Stewardship is devotion and service to God and His Church as persons, as families, as a parish, as a diocese, as a the Church, as well as the entire Orthodox Church throughout the world. Stewardship is our active commitment to use ALL our time, talent and treasure for the benefit of mankind in grateful acknowledgement of Christ’s redeeming love.

Stewardship is caring for the needs of others.  Stewardship is offering one's self to God as He offered Himself to us.  Stewardship is what a person does after saying "I believe..." as proof of that belief.

In the words of Fr. William Chiganos of Holy Apostles Church in Westchester, Illinois, “…people don’t give to need; they give to vision…. Church people don’t stretch their giving because of need to meet the budget; they give more because they are able to see a vision of people being reached and God’s purposes being accomplished in the life of the church and its ministry.” Parishes with successful Orthodox Christian Stewardship Programs have found that incredible support is unleashed from Stewards who unselfishly and joyfully offer their time, talent and treasures, which in turn enhances the spiritual life  and ministry of the local parish.


Inquirer's Class

An introduction to the Orthodox faith is taught most Saturday afternoons at 5:00 p.m. Please check our calendar, and see what is being taught on the class syllabus, here.