Monastery Plantings and News
Monks, local faithful help build new monastery
Cross planted on grounds of new St. Peter Monastery
Cross planted on grounds of new St. Peter Monastery
Cross planted on grounds of new St. Peter Monastery
Harrison, Montana

At the end of September 2015, Father Innocent and Brother Ioann of the Orthodox Church in America’s Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco Monastery, Manton, CA and Brother Donald of the Serbian Western America Diocese’s Saint Herman Monastery, Platina, CA packed their bags and hopped into the Chevy pickup to head to Harrison, MT to begin work on the foundation of the new OCA monastery dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle.  The monastery is being built on land owned by David and Betsy Hicks.  In 2011, a large wooden cross had been planted on the property when His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin of San Francisco and the West blessed the establishment of the monastery.

“Parishioners from Saint Anthony Church, Bozeman, MT joined us in picking and hauling rocks from a neighboring farmer’s field to the building site,” said Brother Ioann.  “Over the course of several days—and with the help of a front-loader and dump truck—nearly 40 tons of rocks, to be used in erecting the walls, were hauled to the site.”

An architect from Saint Anthony parish has drawn up plans for the monastery, which will be built in several stages.

“After completing basic utility buildings on the ground level and a temporary chapel, an upper level with office space, monks’ quarters, and workshops will be built,” Brother Ioann added.  “In time, work will begin on the main church and dining hall, along with the courtyard, fountain, and landscaping.

“Good things take time and patience to achieve, and the look and feel of these monastic buildings will reflect that philosophy,” Brother Ioann concluded.  “The stonework especially will contribute a sense of groundedness and long-lived stability.”

Additional information may be found on the monastery’s web site.


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